Best Asset Management Tools and Software in ITIL  

In Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), where managing IT assets is a paramount concern, having the right tools and software at your disposal can make a world of difference. If you’re on the journey to master an ITIL course and aiming to excel in ITIL Asset Management, it’s essential to be equipped with the best tools and software to streamline the process. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top Asset Management tools and software that align perfectly with ITIL principles. Whether you’re a seasoned ITIL professional or just beginning your ITIL Asset Management journey, this guide will help you make informed decisions and optimize your IT asset management practices. Also, we’ll explore the significance of attending an ITIL Course

Understanding ITIL Asset Management 

Let’s take a moment to understand why ITIL Asset Management is important before we get into the tools and software. A key part of the ITIL structure is ITIL Asset Management, which is part of the Service Transition phase. Its main job is to keep track of and manage an organisation’s assets throughout their whole lifetime. In this case, assets include more than just tools. They also include software, licences, and even documents. 

Why You Need the Right Tools  

Without the right tools and software, ITIL Asset Management is almost impossible to do well. These tools make it easier and faster to handle assets, which helps businesses stay in charge, cut costs, and work more efficiently. When used properly, they help you get the most out of your assets, make sure you’re following the rules, and lower the risk of IT problems or security breaches.  

The best tools and software for managing assets for ITIL  

Here we explore the best tools and software for managing assets for ITIL: 

  1. ServiceNow Asset Management: ServiceNow is a flexible platform for managing IT services that comes with powerful Asset Management tools. It gives companies a clear picture of the whole span of their IT assets and helps them keep track of, control, and make the most of them.  
  2. SolarWinds SAM (Server & Application Monitor): SolarWinds SAM is a powerful tool for controlling and keeping an eye on how well servers and apps are running. An important part of ITIL Asset Management is that it helps find assets, keep track of them, and make sure that software licencing rules are followed. 
  3. BMC Helix ITSM: Asset Management is one of the many tools that BMC Helix IT Service Management (ITSM) provides for ITIL practises. It gives businesses more control over their IT assets, making sure they are used effectively and in line with licence deals.   
  4. Jira Service Management: Atlassian’s Jira is known for being flexible, and Jira Service Management is one of the best ITIL Asset Management tools out there. It has tools for keeping track of IT assets, handling changes, and making service calls easier.  
  5. IBM Control Desk: IBM Control Desk is software for managing IT assets that helps businesses keep track of their contracts, licences, and IT assets. It helps cut costs, improve service performance, and make sure that ITIL guidelines are followed.  
  6. HP Asset Manager: A lot of people use HP Asset Manager to keep track of and handle their assets. It gives organisations a full picture of their hardware and software assets so they can make choices based on data.   
  7. Freshservice: Freshservice is an IT service management tool that runs in the cloud and has powerful Asset Management features. It helps businesses keep track of their assets, handle contracts, and make sure they follow ITIL rules.  
  8. Cherwell Asset Management: Cherwell Asset Management is a part of the Cherwell Service Management platform and has many tools for keeping track of and controlling IT assets. It helps businesses get the most out of their assets and stay in compliance.  
  9. Symantec IT Management Suite: For managing all of your IT assets, Symantec IT Management Suite is the best choice. It helps businesses find assets automatically, keep track of software licences, and boost security by keeping an eye on assets.  
  10. LANDESK Asset Central: LANDESK Asset Central is made for handling IT assets. It has tools for keeping track of hardware and software assets, managing licences and making sure that ITIL standards are followed.    

The right asset management programme or tool for your business will rely on your goals, your finances, and the IT setting you already have. These tools have many features that can be changed to fit your needs, whether you’re in charge of a small startup’s assets or the IT system of a big company.  


Having the right tools and software is important for ITIL Asset Management, which is an important part of IT service management. These top asset management tools and software choices are in line with ITIL principles and can make it much easier for your company to handle its IT assets well. As you move through your ITIL course and strive to be the best at ITIL Asset Management, these tools can help you improve the way you handle assets and make your IT processes run more smoothly. 

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