Napa Valley: Experience Vineyard Vacation In California

Too tired of busy roads and crowded streets with non-stop noise? Everybody deserves a vacation where you can simply lodge in a hotel with a view of mountains, explore vineyards and taste some of the oldest wines. Sounds like a proper Hollywood created vacation spot, doesn’t it? Well, a place like this certainly exists in San Francisco. Napa Valley AVA (American Viticultural Area) is an old vineyard town with several world famous wine distilleries that offers wine making, tasting experiences to the visitors. Also, Napa valley is filled  with abundant greenery and grape harvest crops. 


Napa County is located in the northern portion of California. It was established by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Napa was once known for its variety of crops and vegetation, however, now it is known as one of the best vineyards in America and in the world. Wine production somewhat began in the nineteenth century, but commercially successful wines were created in the 1960s only. 

Napa Valley is flanked by rich mountain soil that promotes high quality grapes for wine making. So, if you busare ready to taste some premium wine, then book your cheap flight to San Francisco from travel to Napa Valley. Or you can also book an affordable flight with JetBlue to reach San Francisco.  


What to expect from Napa Valley?

With more than 400 wineries in the area, you can taste premium wine with a view of beautiful mountains and vegetation. The valley has a countryside feel to it and sounds perfect for a luxury retirement. A stroll in one of the vineyards with a glass of  rosé wine, you can enjoy the perfect weather all year round in Napa Valley

About the Famous Vineyards and Wineries 

  1. Hess Persson Estates

With more than 1000 acres of land, this estate has everything in the area. You can enjoy wine and delicious in house food or you can soothe your senses with a glass of wine and cheese platter too. Don’t miss the heart-warming panoramic view from the mountainside. The owner of this estate offers special wine tasting programs from their own distillery. For adventurous folks, they can take their own ATV ride to enjoy the vineyards. 

  1. Shadybrook Estate Winery 

How about you explore the pleasant vineyard on horseback? Sounds like a perfect plan to spend a day in a Napa Valley Wineries. Prior to purchase of this estate, this property was once used as fully-functional racing and rodeo horses. Now, the new owners of this property are continuing the legacy by offering visitors an option to ride horseback and explore the wide expansion of the vineyard. And later enjoy a relaxing glass of wine paired with an assorted cheese board. 

  1. Judd’s Hill Winery 

This place can fulfill your dream of becoming a winemaker or at least a skilled wine taster. Judd’s Hill Winery offers Bottle Blending Day Camp where experts will guide you about mind blowing details about wines. You will also get to taste a variety of wines from vintage Red wine, Champagne to slightly new rosé wine in this Napa Valley Wineries. 


Hotels in Napa Valley 

  1. Southbridge Napa Valley 

This hotel is located on the main street of ST. Helena, another town in Napa Country. The hotel is known to provide a stunning view of the landscape from the private balcony of your spacious room. Equipped with modern amenities from courtesy breakfast and wine tasting to in house spa and fitness facilities, you can experience literally everything. 

  1. Hilton Garden Inn Napa 

Nestled in the heart of Napa wine country, Hilton garden is very popular among tourists for their overall facilities and natural ambience. You can also conveniently travel to the Napa Downtown area which is located a few minutes away from the hotel. Don’t forget to taste Napa Valley’s premium collection of wineries in this hotel. The hotel offers several types of wine to the guests that have been bought by local wine producers. 

  1. Alila Napa Valley 

Surrounded by lush vineyards and vegetation, Alila Napa Valley hotel enjoys a serene and quiet atmosphere. You can enjoy a luxury hotel retreat here which includes spa, stream bath, meditation rooms, meeting facilities and much more. This place will rekindle your exhausted spirit with a new found energy and joy. Alila Napa Valley Hotel offers you the chance to savor each moment of peace and tranquility. The hotel organizes trips to nearest wineries, private wine tasting, bonfire nights for its guests. Alila Napa Valley has tailored every activity by keeping in mind the local attractions and lifestyle. 

Things to Do in Napa Valley 

  1. Napa Valley Air Balloons

If you want a phenomenal view of Napa Valley, then you should definitely jump on a hot air balloon ride. The views from a hot air balloon remain  unmatched when you get the phenomenal view of picturesque mountains and acres and acres of vineyards everywhere. The best time to take off is either during sunrise or sunset to watch the glowing ball of fire painting the skin in light hues.

  1. Napa Valley Wine Train 

Experience the luxury in a restored 20th century train that serves five-star meals accompanied by authentic Napa Valley premium wine. Napa Valley wine train is an indigenous idea to combine history and luxury into one moving automobile. This train takes oenophiles on a 36-miles long train journey all the way to St. Helena and back. While on board, you expect to taste delectable wines on every station. The scenic view from the train window is literally peaceful and exciting. 

What is the Best Time to Visit Napa Valley 

The best time to visit is the annual grape harvest in August to October that coincides with the tourist season. Usually the prices are at their highest during that season and visitors are often on standby. However, you can visit Napa Valley during late spring to avoid overcrowded vineyards and wineries. Also, late fall and early winters which run from November to April are also good times to visit Napa Valley as the crowd is at the lowest and so are the prices.  

Bottom Line  

Napa Valley will amaze you beyond any expectations. From cozy restaurants to century old wineries, it will serve you with everything. The geographical location makes it a perfect place to cultivate premium grapes to transform them into premium quality wines. If you are traveling to Napa, don’t forget to taste each wine and savor the soft, rugged and fruity taste. However, remain cautious about tasting Napa Valley’s authentic wines , it’s almost too easy to get carried away in the sensational taste. Don’t forget to pack a mix of winter and summer clothes as the temperature can drastically fluctuate in Napa Valley. Lastly, enjoy every moment in Napa Valley and explore different things mentioned in this blog for best experience. 


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